San Clemente Beachbreaks
Earlier this day the tide was right and the waves were very, very wrong... so wrong that it would not have been right to sit on the beach videotaping! However, eventually the tide got too high, and I came in to shoot a few minutes of video before sunset. That night the footage was quickly edited into this short segment.
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A month in Central America is a long time when every day is offshore all day long and relentless Southern Hemi swells are waiting in line to get in. Choose a link below to view a sample from a recent Surfsniper Deployment Surveillance mission in Nicaragua code-named "Tranquilo".
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Transient California Sand Point (805)
In addition to mudslides, death, and destruction, hard rain in California is notorious for creating incredible surf spots that appear overnight and are almost as fleeting. Recently aroused from a long hibernation by the deluge of precipitation that has inundated the southland over the past weeks, this place is a good example.
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